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Applying for your United States passport is necessary if you are a U.S. citizen and plan to travel outside of the borders of the United States. In fact, you will not be allowed to enter or exit any other country without your passport, because a passport serves as proof of your citizenship and identity. Obtaining your United States passport is not difficult and normal processing times can take as little as four weeks.
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Requirements to obtain a passport expediting service. Through an expediter you can have your new passport delivered to you in 24-48 hours. Travel document expediting services can do this because they have a special relationship with the regional agencies that gives them priority status. Using emergency passport expediting services can get you a fast passport sent, they can often get a passport sent the exact same day, in seven hours with special expedited shipping

Why wait between 4-10 weeks to receive your passport when you use a passport expediting service? Passport expediters are a real asset to those people who live out of town or who can’t afford to take time off work to stand in line at the passport office

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